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Jill Tolleson Printables Designer

Hi! I’m Jill.  Thanks for checking out My Homeschool Printables.  I hope you can use the resources on this site to enhance your homeschool experience.  We welcome your feedback and advice so please leave us your comments.

My husband and I have 5 children: a seventh grader, a sixth grader, a fourth grader, a pre-schooler, and a newborn .  We started homeschooling 7 years ago when my oldest started 1st grade.  We love it, (most of the time) and have relied on a lot of grace and help from others along the way.

As much as I love my children and love seeing them learn, the most important thing to me is being a child of the One True God.  All that I have, including this pretty little website, will one day pass away but my home in heaven will not.

The next most important part of my life is my husband.  Tim is so patient with me and supportive of me as I try to take care of our home and family.  I’m not sure why God gave him such a messy, spazzy wife, but I’m glad he did!

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