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Hooray! The Last Vol 4 TL Page is Complete!


I’m pretty much ready to have a party. Here’s the last page of Timeline Figures!! I still have a few days to go to get those last Coloring Pages done, but the inventive process is finished. (Can you hear me breath a sigh of relief?)

I’ve been so thankful for the welcoming response to my project. I’m really not sure I would have had the determination to finish my family’s personal Timeline Figures if I didn’t have the accountability of this website. Also, the encouraging words from teachers all over the world has spurred me on. But most of all, like Eric Liddell, I feel God’s pleasure when I draw :).

Lastly, giving credit where credit is due, Trevor drew some of these as well. I couldn’t have finished these pages without him!


If you are looking for Vol 4 Coloring Pages, stay tuned. I’ll pump those out directly!

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    Hooray!!!!!!! Thank you again for this wonderful gift.


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      Jill Tolleson


      It’s my pleasure!!


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