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Welcome to MyHomeschoolPrintables. This is a fledgling website with lots of potential. We started the website for two main reasons: to be both a blessing to others and also to our family. The “blessing to others” aspect is pretty straight-forward. We are sharing these resources for free! Comment after comment attests that we are fulfilling that goal. The “blessing our family” aspect is more difficult to see at times. In addition to hosting a group of sponsors, we plan to offer select items for sale in the future. To get there, we need time. We strive to keep our family life a priority over this website, which means days (and sometimes weeks) can go by with no new fun stuff to share! And that’s where you come in!

We are looking for people and businesses that are willing to make a donation or an early investment in this website in order to help it grow. Just like we are hoping that the website will be a reciprocal blessing, we hope that advertisers will benefit as well. With your donation or advertising we can buy time to put our creativity to work.

Have you benefitted from this website? Will you grow our “nest” with a donation? Or will you be an “early bird” advertiser? Fill out the form to get the dialogue started.