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Vol 4 Memory Game and COUPON!

The Volume 4 Memory Game is available for download! It is in the same format as the other games, so your cards will mix and match with the other volumes for easy memory review.

In addition, the Pre-printed Vol 4 set has been added to the shop, so if you are having trouble getting your Timeline Figures up and running this fall, let us help! If you haven’t tried the stickers, you are missing out. They are such a great size for the lap book timelines, especially for Volumes 3 and 4 where there are SO many figures clustered in such as small timeframe.

To help you out, here’s a coupon for 25% off your purchase*, available now through the end of October! FALL2017 Yay! *Offer good on purchases of $20 or more. Stock up and save!


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Hooray! The Last Vol 4 TL Page is Complete!


I’m pretty much ready to have a party. Here’s the last page of Timeline Figures!! I still have a few days to go to get those last Coloring Pages done, but the inventive process is finished. (Can you hear me breath a sigh of relief?)

I’ve been so thankful for the welcoming response to my project. I’m really not sure I would have had the determination to finish my family’s personal Timeline Figures if I didn’t have the accountability of this website. Also, the encouraging words from teachers all over the world has spurred me on. But most of all, like Eric Liddell, I feel God’s pleasure when I draw :).

Lastly, giving credit where credit is due, Trevor drew some of these as well. I couldn’t have finished these pages without him!


If you are looking for Vol 4 Coloring Pages, stay tuned. I’ll pump those out directly!

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Check out the newest Timeline Figures!

With 10 days to go until my self-imposed deadline for finishing the Vol 4 Timeline Figures, I’ve got one page left! I’m very pleased to get Page 8 published. I admit I was nervous about drawing people that are recognizable from recent history…but I discovered that it is very fun! I may not always nail it; one of my kids thought that my drawing of Martin Luther King Jr was actually a drawing of Steve Harvey!! Haha!! (We’ve been enjoying watching “Little Big Shots” lately…can you tell?) Oh well. They’re all labeled, right? Hopefully, in the end, these will help all our kids retain a little more history than they would have otherwise. :)

Once again, Trevor helped me get these drawings knocked out. What a blessing!

Follow the picture link to head over to the Vol 4 Timeline Figures page, and don’t be afraid to share these on social media. Once I finish Vol 4 I’ll be investing some time in promoting myhomeschoolprintables! Maybe I need a tagline: Ending Homeschool Stress One Sketch at a Time. What’dya think?


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The Finish Line Approaches!

Here’s Page 7 of Volume 4 Timeline Figures! My son, Trevor, has been helping more and more. In fact, when I looked back over this page I realized he had more TL figures on this page than I did!! It’s fantastic to share the creative burden with him, and having a project to work on together is really fun. Plus, he does a great job! I bet you can’t tell which ones he did.

Page 8 is nearly done, and Page 9 will be hot on its heels. I’m still on track to finish by the end of May, so get ready to do lots of coloring!

Follow the picture link to head over to the Vol 4 Timeline Figures page.


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New History Uploads and Bonus Easter Page

Happy Easter!

Here are the latest Vol 4 Coloring Pages. The end is in sight. This last set of coloring pages (including the ones I have in the pipeline) has been the most eye-opening I can remember. I am appalled at the long arm of communism. Reading about country after country falling for Marx’s lie has been so sad. Oh World, hope and peace can only be found through Jesus Christ. His death and resurrection bought us peace with God, through which we have the hope of heaven where all wrongs will be made right.

If you haven’t found peace with God, the time is right! What better day than Easter? Turn from your empty ways and run into His arms. He’ll receive you with love…I should know: He took me!

To balance out these depressing coloring pages, I’m including a bonus Easter Page. Enjoy Jesus this weekend. It was for freedom that he has set us free.

(Click the images below to either head over to the website or open your printable Easter page.)



Happy Coloring!

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More Vol 4 Timeline Figures

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m happy to say that there are more timeline figures posted. These last few sheets have been extra fun for me because one of my sons helped! While I was working on my list of figures he worked on a list of inventions that I gave him. He loves to draw and did a great job. These inventions have been sprinkled into the previous pages so that the order of the figures has been altered. Page 1 is still the same, but pages 2-4 have been updated, and pages 5 and 6 are new. If you are keeping pace with me, I suggest reprinting pages 2-6.


As I get into more modern history I am loving drawing recognizable people. Einstein and Gandhi were especially fun :). I hope you have a much fun coloring them as I had drawing them!

I will add the correlating coloring pages as soon as I have them finished. I am on track to have the complete set up on the site by the end of May. I can’t wait!!

~Happy Coloring!

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New Vol 4 Timeline Figures!

Here they are: the newest batch of Timeline Figures.


I just love having the pieces of history that I know fall into place together. I love learning about the people that belong to the names I am familiar with, but whom I know nothing about…like Florence Nightingale. I’m not sure if I didn’t know who she was because I heard and didn’t care, or if I just never heard. Either way, I’ve added her to my list of brave ladies who made a difference in the world by using the gifts and loves God gave them.

The next set of figures will include Helen Keller. What a woman. And I could just kiss Anne Sullivan.

Hang in there, mamas. We’re getting close to the end. :)

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Welcome to MyHomeschoolPrintables! (And new Vol 4 Figures)

This is the peak season here at myhomeschoolprintables. Many moms have commented that as they get into their school year they begin to look for something to go along with their history studies…some timeline help, perhaps, or some coloring pages for their smaller children. I love hearing that what they found here will help them in their studies.

Page 3

Like most of you, I’m ‘just’ a homeschool mom…not a writer, not a publisher, not an artist for hire. I began this website because I had already made hundreds of my own timeline figures and wanted to share them. Four years and two babies later, my kids are I are still plugging along with our studies, slowly adding to the collection that no longer fits on our wall.

I’ve been playing with resourcing my kids’ great creative talents. One of my sons occasionally draws a figure for me. There are already several of his drawings in the collection, and there are several more sitting patiently on my desk, waiting to be shared. This last week, I utilized two more sons to help me with the hardest part: deciding what to draw! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before! Making timeline figures just became a lot less taxing. :) They review the lesson and tell me what to draw, and I do the rest.

Have you benefitted from he resources here? Then please pass them on. I don’t advertise, but rather rely on ‘word of mouth’ referrals and pins and shares.

The kids and I wrapped up one more page of timeline figures for Vol 4. Coloring pages will be soon to follow!

Happy Coloring!

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New Vol 4 Pages

Are you enjoying your summer? We are! We officially started school last Monday! In our neck of the woods, unless you have access to a pool, it’s too hot to enjoy being outside. So we have learned to spend those hot, sticky days indoors, and save our school breaks for the rest of the year.

That being said, we are plugging along in our history book! I have managed to pull ahead of my kids for the first time ever, and am producing timeline figures before we read about them. I love it this way! I just love reading about the people and events and then transferring what I’ve learned to paper. I pray these continue to aide you in your study of history!

You can find the new Coloring Pages and Timeline Figures by clicking on the images below. Please note that I have updated Page 1 of the Vol 4 figures to include some new images.


Page 2-01

As always, please spread the word! Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/myhomeschoolprintables, forward to your homeschool group, and pin on Pinterest :)

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What I’ve been up to:

Volume 4 is underway! I have one Timeline Figure page posted, as well as a couple dozen coloring pages. I love learning about the freedom fighters! Some do it well, and others not so well. Our family has actually been skipping forward in history to try to understand more about Socialism and Communism. It’s worth learning about, since it’s all around us these days!

I’m sure many of you are winding down and getting ready for summer break. Don’t forget to touch up those timelines before you throw in the 2015-2016 towel…and don’t forget to check back when you set up your fall curriculum :)



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Volume 3 TL Figures and Coloring Pages!

I feel like having a party! The complete set of Timeline Figures for Volume 3 is up and running! Also, the Coloring Pages are all up, too! Click the images below to head to the website. (There have been several revisions to the pages that were previously posted, so if you have been using these pages for the last semester, you may want to get your bearings and see if you need to back up a page.) :)

Next I will be working on getting the Vol 3 Sticker Sheets ready for purchase. Having been through this era of history on our own timeline, I can testify that the stickers are terrific! They are just the right size for fitting all your figures on THIS printable timeline.

P.S. Don’t forget to pass the History-Love along! Will you pin a Vol 3 Coloring page today?

Timeline-3-1 Wesley

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More Vol 3 Timeline Figures and Coloring Pages

Page 3 of Volume 3 is up and running, as are over a dozen more coloring pages.

At my house, we are finding that these timeline figures aren’t fitting on our timeline anymore–there’s just too many of them! We made some timeline notebooks, but are still having trouble. I have started printing mine smaller–somewhere between 50-75% the original size, and that has worked pretty well.

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I’d Love to Hear From You!

Hi Y’all! I have so many ideas about what to include on this website. I would love your feedback! What are you interested in?
  • Coloring pages of Time Line figures for young ones?
  • Memory cards with figures them?
  • Pre-printed figures you can purchase?
  • Printable games?
  • Image Gallery where you can upload photos from your new timeline?
  • Something else?
Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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