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New History Uploads and Bonus Easter Page

Happy Easter!

Here are the latest Vol 4 Coloring Pages. The end is in sight. This last set of coloring pages (including the ones I have in the pipeline) has been the most eye-opening I can remember. I am appalled at the long arm of communism. Reading about country after country falling for Marx’s lie has been so sad. Oh World, hope and peace can only be found through Jesus Christ. His death and resurrection bought us peace with God, through which we have the hope of heaven where all wrongs will be made right.

If you haven’t found peace with God, the time is right! What better day than Easter? Turn from your empty ways and run into His arms. He’ll receive you with love…I should know: He took me!

To balance out these depressing coloring pages, I’m including a bonus Easter Page. Enjoy Jesus this weekend. It was for freedom that he has set us free.

(Click the images below to either head over to the website or open your printable Easter page.)



Happy Coloring!

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Vol 3 Memory Game

Do you have your Timeline Figures printed? Don’t wait till the last minute! Get those puppies all lined up for the rest of the year and don’t spend a single minute scrambling :)

Go to the QUICK PRINT page to print your TL Figures and Coloring Pages. Go to the GAMES page to print your Memory Games. Vol 3 Memory Game is now posted and ready to roll.

The SHOP is open and stocked with TL Figures. I highly recommend the sticker sheets—they are fantastic for timeline notebooks and also for making memory cards.

Also, I’m considering offering Volumes 1-3 coloring books for sale in the shop. Let me know what you think by giving me some FEEDBACK.

Happy Coloring!


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Volume 3 TL Figures and Coloring Pages!

I feel like having a party! The complete set of Timeline Figures for Volume 3 is up and running! Also, the Coloring Pages are all up, too! Click the images below to head to the website. (There have been several revisions to the pages that were previously posted, so if you have been using these pages for the last semester, you may want to get your bearings and see if you need to back up a page.) :)

Next I will be working on getting the Vol 3 Sticker Sheets ready for purchase. Having been through this era of history on our own timeline, I can testify that the stickers are terrific! They are just the right size for fitting all your figures on THIS printable timeline.

P.S. Don’t forget to pass the History-Love along! Will you pin a Vol 3 Coloring page today?

Timeline-3-1 Wesley

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How ’bout some Halloween Goodies?

I’ll admit it: Halloween is not my favorite holiday. But too bad for me! My kids have finally figured out this Trick-or-Treating thing, and I can’t ignore it anymore! So this Halloween we’ll do a little treating, but then we’ll come home and put on a fun movie and enjoy answering the front door.

But this year I wanted to do something a little different. I want every child that comes to my door to walk away with Words of Life. I may not be able to tell each one about God’s plan of Salvation, but I can give them some Living Words that the Holy Spirit can make come alive if He chooses. It’s a small thing, but I’m excited about it.

My kids are excited about it, too…and I think that is so cool! So, tomorrow we’ll take some time to cut out these cute little pumpkins and we’ll pray over these special verses, and whether or not God chooses to use these verses to bless any of our visitors I know it will bless my family to think of someone besides ourselves on this candy-day.

Want to join us? Print these pumpkins and either add your own verses, or print mine on the back. Super easy, and surely worth our time! This is a great way to have a meaningful time with our own kids, and then share the blessing with our neighbors.

Click on the Jack O’ Lantern below for the printable file (front and back), or click the verse to preview the verses!

~Happy Coloring Treating!



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New Vol 3 Coloring Pages

Is anyone else’s head spinning from how fast the school year is going? I can’t believe it’s already October! I’m so thankful for God’s plan to change the seasons–we are ready for a change around here!

I’ve added some new Vol 3 coloring pages from a pretty rough era of history. However, it’s coming to my attention more and more that this day and age is far from free of persecution! About 2 years ago I signed up to receive “the Voices of the Martyrs” monthly publication. I’m so glad I did! My kids and I look forward to reading it as part of our school day. Each day before we do history I read one article from the newsletter. My boys and I have some of the best conversations when discussing these events (but I have to admit, many of the stories these days are pretty rough, and may not be suitable for younger kids). I highly recommend signing up to get the VOM newsletter. It’s free, and yet rich at the same time.

Ok. I’m done with my media plug 😉

I hope your history program is well under way for the year and that these coloring pages and timeline figures help make it more fun! Please spread the word in your homeschool group, social media outlet or blog. I LOVE getting all of the great comments on the website saying “Thanks!” and it spurs me on to share the coloring fun with as many as we can!


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Yay Stickers!

I love stickers. Love ’em. And now I’ve got some to share with you.

I’ve had many requests for memory cards, and while I haven’t been able to figure out a reasonably-priced solution for either printable or purchase-able cards, I HAVE figured out a solution! At my house, we use these cute little round stickers. I love that the pictures match the timeline, and that they are QUICK and EASY to use.

Vol 3 Memory Cards w/ Stickers

The place these stickers come in the most handy for my family is the memory cards. But they have also really helped out with our timeline. I love our wall timeline, but as we are progressing through our history study, we are realizing that we don’t have enough room to fit all the figures on the wall. My kids keep advocating running the figures up onto the ceiling, and as tempting as that is my answer has been NO. :) My solution is to just put the really key figures on the wall, and to branch out into timeline notebooks. Now each of my kids have their own timeline. One of my kids (the most creative of the bunch) prefers to use the regular timeline figures printed at 60% (in order to make them all fit) and my other kids like to use the stickers.

Vol 3 Timeline

The stickers are 1 1/2 inches diameter, and are printed on matte paper (perfect for colored pencils ). My kids are begging me to make some full-color ones, but the jury’s still out on that. :)

The Vol 1 set is ready for purchase, and the Vol 2 set will be hot on it’s tail. The Vol 3 set will not be ready until around Christmas, but if there’s enough interest I may be able to work out a half-set. Go to the SHOP now or click the image below to head over to the Vol 1 stickers directly!


Happy Coloring!

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Spring Break!

It’s Spring Break! I always get so excited about breaks from school. I make lists of all the things I want to get done–outgrown clothes to sort, and rooms to deep clean. Pshaw. I always wind so busy with the kids that I don’t get anything on my list done.

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Introducing Volume 3!

Slowly, but surely, I am inching along getting Volume 3 started. Here’s the first page. My favorites so far are Ivan the Great and Askia. I do a fair amount of research when I create these drawings. I add as many details as I can to make each one unique. Many of them have roots in historic paintings. If you want to get more accurate with your figures, you could google the person or place to see what colors to use. For example, if you google the Safavid Empire, you can see what colors are on the flag, or if you look up Lorenzo, you can see what colors are on his shield. Even Lorenzo’s hat is a particular color in most paintings. Check it out!

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Vol 1 Memory Game

Happy Saturday!

I had a request for a Volume 1 Memory Game, and got that published. (Click below for the new game!) If you ever have ideas, please pass them along! Sometimes I can get to them quickly, sometimes not, but I’d still love to hear what’s on your mind! Got a historical character, event, or building that I’ve not covered? Run it by me!

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Minecraft, Anyone?

My kids LOVE Minecraft! This week their creative juices have really been flowing. Since their actual play-time on Minecraft is limited (because, really, they would never, ever, quit playing unless we made them) their creativity bursts forth in non-computer form.

Enter: graph paper. These look like some sort of spawn eggs, but then, my Minecraft grammar is pretty limited.


Do you have a Minecrafter? He might enjoy designing Mods on this paper that my son created. When he ran out of standard graph paper, he whipped this up, complete with Minecraft font numbers.

Design away, my little crafters!

Graph Paper Minecraft Mod create

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Hip Hip Horray! Volume 1 is Done Today!

What a productive couple of days I have had! I’m happy to say that Volume 1 is done now, too! All the Timeline Figure pages and Coloring pages are ready to go. Again, if you notice a problem, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. You can use the form on the feedback page if you wish :)

As always, click on the image below to head over to the recently finished Coloring Pages page! Next up: Volume 3 Begins!


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Volume 2 is Complete!

I’m very excited (and a bit nervous) to announce that Volume 2 is complete! There are so many exciting and romantic characters! Vikings, Crusaders, and Adventurers made this one fun set. But I’ve made enough errors as I’ve gone along that I’m sure there’s some lurking in there somewhere! I welcome your corrections :)

It was super fun for me to look back over the 101 timeline figures and make sure everyone was “present and accounted for”. What started with some simple drawings for my own kiddos has slowly grown into something more. I pray that these continue to be a blessing to you. Click below for the Timeline Figures page or the Coloring Pages.



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Volume 2 Revision

Oops! I was working on a Memory Game for important Volume 2 dates, and I realized that I was missing some of my timeline figures! Somehow they got overlooked when I created the website. I dug them up out of my unorganized folder of drawings, and have revised pages 5-7 on the Vol 2 page. For those of you who have already printed those pages, my apologies :). Check your pages against the revised ones on the website and see if you need to reprint. Page 5 has eight new figures, and page 6 has one. Click below to visit the corrected pages.

On the up-side: I’m only 6 or 7 figures away from having Volume 2 completed!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s the next twelve Vol 2 coloring pages, featuring Sir William Wallace. Wallace is saying Halt!, but my husband says he looks like one of the Village People doing the “YMCA!” Ha! It gives me a chuckle to imagine his little hips shaking :)

Happy Coloring!


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Lots of New Volume 2 Content!

Yippie! We’ve got lots of new Timeline Figures and Coloring Pages for you (12 Figures and 24 Pages, to be exact!). Included are some of my favorites: King Richard, El Cid, Saint Francis of Assisi, and Robin Hood! Just Click the Links below to head over to My Homeschool Printables.



Don’t forget to share the fun on your social media page!

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My Timeline + 12 New Coloring Pages


I’ve had some requests to see my timeline.  It may be my favorite feature of our school room.  It’s a simple strip of craft paper that wraps around three of the walls.  The above picture is of my original timeline, before I started making the figures “share-able”.  They are done in pencil and have hand-drawn letters.  The picture below is of my new figures that I print and let the kids color.

Forgive my low-quality photos. :)  Click the timeline photo to take you to my updated page that details my timeline, or click the coloring page below to see the new coloring pages.

printable timeline figures Romulus and Remus

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