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Need a Toddler Game for Your Car Trip?

Here’s a DIY game that you can take with you on those long summer road trips. I made it for my 1 year old and it was a hit on our car trip to Grandma’s House. It’s still a hit at home, too!


All you really need is 2 copies of THIS printable from the Games Page. I wanted mine to be durable and wipeable so I used my laminator to laminate both pages. Then I cut out all the “puzzle pieces” and stuck magnets on the backs. I also picked up a $1 cookie sheet from the Dollar Tree so that my magnetic pieces had something to cling to. Lastly, I corralled all the pieces in a snack cup! It made a very inexpensive and fun game.

Enjoy! And Share!



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New Preschool Game

Have you visited the site lately?? We have been editing and updating. The bigger the site gets, the more we are finding modify*. My poor over-taxed brain needed something fun! So, voila! Here’s a super cute and colorful printable for preschoolers (field-tested and approved by my 11 month-old, and almost-four-but-still-three-and-a-half-year-old).

And hey! Please DO share the printable-love around anywhere you can. We want to drive more traffic through the site! Do your kiddos like any of our printables? Snap a picture and share it on our Facebook page!


* If you run into a glitch, I apologize…and rest assured, we are working on it:)

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