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New Preschool Game

Have you visited the site lately?? We have been editing and updating. The bigger the site gets, the more we are finding modify*. My poor over-taxed brain needed something fun! So, voila! Here’s a super cute and colorful printable for preschoolers (field-tested and approved by my 11 month-old, and almost-four-but-still-three-and-a-half-year-old).

And hey! Please DO share the printable-love around anywhere you can. We want to drive more traffic through the site! Do your kiddos like any of our printables? Snap a picture and share it on our Facebook page!


* If you run into a glitch, I apologize…and rest assured, we are working on it:)

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More Vol 3 Timeline Figures and Coloring Pages

Page 3 of Volume 3 is up and running, as are over a dozen more coloring pages.

At my house, we are finding that these timeline figures aren’t fitting on our timeline anymore–there’s just too many of them! We made some timeline notebooks, but are still having trouble. I have started printing mine smaller–somewhere between 50-75% the original size, and that has worked pretty well.

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Spring Break!

It’s Spring Break! I always get so excited about breaks from school. I make lists of all the things I want to get done–outgrown clothes to sort, and rooms to deep clean. Pshaw. I always wind so busy with the kids that I don’t get anything on my list done.

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