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New Vol 4 Timeline Figures!

Here they are: the newest batch of Timeline Figures.


I just love having the pieces of history that I know fall into place together. I love learning about the people that belong to the names I am familiar with, but whom I know nothing about…like Florence Nightingale. I’m not sure if I didn’t know who she was because I heard and didn’t care, or if I just never heard. Either way, I’ve added her to my list of brave ladies who made a difference in the world by using the gifts and loves God gave them.

The next set of figures will include Helen Keller. What a woman. And I could just kiss Anne Sullivan.

Hang in there, mamas. We’re getting close to the end. :)

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Welcome to MyHomeschoolPrintables! (And new Vol 4 Figures)

This is the peak season here at myhomeschoolprintables. Many moms have commented that as they get into their school year they begin to look for something to go along with their history studies…some timeline help, perhaps, or some coloring pages for their smaller children. I love hearing that what they found here will help them in their studies.

Page 3

Like most of you, I’m ‘just’ a homeschool mom…not a writer, not a publisher, not an artist for hire. I began this website because I had already made hundreds of my own timeline figures and wanted to share them. Four years and two babies later, my kids are I are still plugging along with our studies, slowly adding to the collection that no longer fits on our wall.

I’ve been playing with resourcing my kids’ great creative talents. One of my sons occasionally draws a figure for me. There are already several of his drawings in the collection, and there are several more sitting patiently on my desk, waiting to be shared. This last week, I utilized two more sons to help me with the hardest part: deciding what to draw! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before! Making timeline figures just became a lot less taxing. :) They review the lesson and tell me what to draw, and I do the rest.

Have you benefitted from he resources here? Then please pass them on. I don’t advertise, but rather rely on ‘word of mouth’ referrals and pins and shares.

The kids and I wrapped up one more page of timeline figures for Vol 4. Coloring pages will be soon to follow!

Happy Coloring!

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Vol 3 Memory Game

Do you have your Timeline Figures printed? Don’t wait till the last minute! Get those puppies all lined up for the rest of the year and don’t spend a single minute scrambling :)

Go to the QUICK PRINT page to print your TL Figures and Coloring Pages. Go to the GAMES page to print your Memory Games. Vol 3 Memory Game is now posted and ready to roll.

The SHOP is open and stocked with TL Figures. I highly recommend the sticker sheets—they are fantastic for timeline notebooks and also for making memory cards.

Also, I’m considering offering Volumes 1-3 coloring books for sale in the shop. Let me know what you think by giving me some FEEDBACK.

Happy Coloring!


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Need a Toddler Game for Your Car Trip?

Here’s a DIY game that you can take with you on those long summer road trips. I made it for my 1 year old and it was a hit on our car trip to Grandma’s House. It’s still a hit at home, too!


All you really need is 2 copies of THIS printable from the Games Page. I wanted mine to be durable and wipeable so I used my laminator to laminate both pages. Then I cut out all the “puzzle pieces” and stuck magnets on the backs. I also picked up a $1 cookie sheet from the Dollar Tree so that my magnetic pieces had something to cling to. Lastly, I corralled all the pieces in a snack cup! It made a very inexpensive and fun game.

Enjoy! And Share!



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New Vol 4 Pages

Are you enjoying your summer? We are! We officially started school last Monday! In our neck of the woods, unless you have access to a pool, it’s too hot to enjoy being outside. So we have learned to spend those hot, sticky days indoors, and save our school breaks for the rest of the year.

That being said, we are plugging along in our history book! I have managed to pull ahead of my kids for the first time ever, and am producing timeline figures before we read about them. I love it this way! I just love reading about the people and events and then transferring what I’ve learned to paper. I pray these continue to aide you in your study of history!

You can find the new Coloring Pages and Timeline Figures by clicking on the images below. Please note that I have updated Page 1 of the Vol 4 figures to include some new images.


Page 2-01

As always, please spread the word! Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/myhomeschoolprintables, forward to your homeschool group, and pin on Pinterest :)

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