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Archive for March, 2015

Spring Break!

It’s Spring Break! I always get so excited about breaks from school. I make lists of all the things I want to get done–outgrown clothes to sort, and rooms to deep clean. Pshaw. I always wind so busy with the kids that I don’t get anything on my list done.

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Introducing Volume 3!

Slowly, but surely, I am inching along getting Volume 3 started. Here’s the first page. My favorites so far are Ivan the Great and Askia. I do a fair amount of research when I create these drawings. I add as many details as I can to make each one unique. Many of them have roots in historic paintings. If you want to get more accurate with your figures, you could google the person or place to see what colors to use. For example, if you google the Safavid Empire, you can see what colors are on the flag, or if you look up Lorenzo, you can see what colors are on his shield. Even Lorenzo’s hat is a particular color in most paintings. Check it out!

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