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Archive for November, 2014

Volume 2 Revision

Oops! I was working on a Memory Game for important Volume 2 dates, and I realized that I was missing some of my timeline figures! Somehow they got overlooked when I created the website. I dug them up out of my unorganized folder of drawings, and have revised pages 5-7 on the Vol 2 page. For those of you who have already printed those pages, my apologies :). Check your pages against the revised ones on the website and see if you need to reprint. Page 5 has eight new figures, and page 6 has one. Click below to visit the corrected pages.

On the up-side: I’m only 6 or 7 figures away from having Volume 2 completed!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s the next twelve Vol 2 coloring pages, featuring Sir William Wallace. Wallace is saying Halt!, but my husband says he looks like one of the Village People doing the “YMCA!” Ha! It gives me a chuckle to imagine his little hips shaking :)

Happy Coloring!


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Lots of New Volume 2 Content!

Yippie! We’ve got lots of new Timeline Figures and Coloring Pages for you (12 Figures and 24 Pages, to be exact!). Included are some of my favorites: King Richard, El Cid, Saint Francis of Assisi, and Robin Hood! Just Click the Links below to head over to My Homeschool Printables.



Don’t forget to share the fun on your social media page!

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My Timeline + 12 New Coloring Pages


I’ve had some requests to see my timeline.  It may be my favorite feature of our school room.  It’s a simple strip of craft paper that wraps around three of the walls.  The above picture is of my original timeline, before I started making the figures “share-able”.  They are done in pencil and have hand-drawn letters.  The picture below is of my new figures that I print and let the kids color.

Forgive my low-quality photos. :)  Click the timeline photo to take you to my updated page that details my timeline, or click the coloring page below to see the new coloring pages.

printable timeline figures Romulus and Remus

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